Web Beacons: The Wii Network Service uses a common Internet technology called “web-beacons” (also known as “web bugs,” “action tags,” “Pixel-Tracker” or “Clear GIFs”) that are small graphic images placed on a web page, web document or e-mail message to collect certain information and monitor user activity online. Web tags are invisible to you because they are usually very small (only 1 x 1 pixel) and the same color as the background of the site, document or email. We can use web tags to collect non-personal information such as the Wii Console IP address, the URL of the page where the web user comes from, and when the web tag is activated (for example. B if you look at the site, advertising or email with the web beacon). We do not use web tags to collect personal data. Nintendo Channel: You can share with us some anonymous information about the Nintendo channel that we can use to make recommendations or to develop new games and services. Nintendo Channel does not collect personal data. Your use of the Nintendo channel is anonymous and will remain so, unless you want to link your Wii Shop account to your Club Nintendo account. For more information, choose the “How to Use Your Information” menu in the Settings section of the Nintendo channel or check out support.nintendo.com. Wii Messaging Service: If you connect to the Wii network service, we`ll provide you with an automatically generated Wii message address. Your Wii email address is anonymous and will remain so, unless you want to share it (a) with others to send Wii messages; (b) share it with other people so they can add your Wii console to their friends list in the game; or (c) link your Wii-Shop account to your Club Nintendo account. You can choose, via our parental control feature, if you want to allow the use of the Wii information service on your Wii console.

If you don`t use the Wii messaging service, you won`t receive third-party emails. You can also choose not to receive certain Nintendo messages by choosing the “Opt-out” option on Wii channels or by using the opt-out option contained in Nintendo`s commercial messages sent to your Wii message address. However, you can continue to receive messages from members of your household on your wii-infoboard, as well as messages from us about transactions or services you have specifically requested; In response to an email you sent us; To inform you of updates or changes to our policies and procedures; or provide you with other information that is important to all Wii users. Changes in conditions. We can change the terms of this agreement at any time without notice. A current version of this agreement, including all changes, will be published at your convenience in support.nintendo.com. If you do not accept changes to this agreement, you must terminate your network account and stop using network services. We respect the intellectual property of others. If you believe that any material inside the Wii console is contrary to the intellectual property rights you own or control, you may submit a notice of such a violation, as provided for in Article 15.