“If you are not willing to serve, you are not ready to LEAD”

wrenwyckw-pic-4My definition of leadership is “Having to ability to have individuals willingly follow you – not because of the position that you hold – but because of the person that you are.”

In saying this I certainly concur that to encapsulate leadership it comes down to one thing: your ability to influence others. The question is, how do you gain that influence?

I believe that there are certain innate and learned abilities combined with a set of values that enable us to lead. These traits are what separate good leaders from great ones. I believe that these innate abilities are the true difference makers. Your intuition and ability to connect are absolutely pertinent and invaluable if you are to be a great leader. Intuition is so important because it cannot be taught. Who you are will always dictate what you can see.

Some other traits that I feel good leaders possess are integrity, vsion, inspiration, trust, courage, passion, and values. One thing for certain is that great leaders employ the concept of servant leadership. They understand that the Shepherd caters to the Shepherd and not the other way around. I found in my 30 years of leading others that it is not so much the way you make people feel about you… it is the way you make them feel about themselves!

Remember this: “Never, Never , Never, do what is equal. Do what is adequate. Some you have to push, some you have to praise.”

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