In the United Arab Emirates, workers who work for an annual or monthly salary must collect their wages once a month on due dates and no later than ten days after the end of each pay period. If these deadlines are not specified in the contract, the employer must pay the worker once every 14 days. You can go to your employer and reach a consensus on the conditions for reducing your salary for the Covid 19 crisis period. However, if your employer does not comply with the provisions of the ministerial resolution and decides to reduce your salary without mutual agreement with you, you can file a claim against your employer with THE MOHRE. The UAE Labour Act does not contain guidelines on the percentage of the basic salary payable by the employer. It is therefore up to the company to decide on this percentage and the employee can negotiate, accept or not. – Go to this page – Click Yes – Enter your work card number and other registration information — Look at your card and download a copy. (279) 2020 on the stability of employment in private sector institutions when applying precautionary measures to combat the emergence of new coronaviruses (the “ministerial resolution”) of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratiization (MOHRE) under Covid-19. If a company with less than 100 employees does not pay its salary within 60 days of the due date, the following penalties are imposed: (ii) the extension of the “temporary supplement” in agreement between you and your employer; If a company wishes to reduce employees` wages, reduce working time (temporary or permanent) or put the officer on temporary unpaid leave, the employee and the company agree in writing. The correspondence agreement must be made voluntarily by the agent. As your employer is prepared to reduce your salary until the Covid-19 crisis prevails, the reduction may be temporary and not permanent. Article 5 of the ministerial resolution allows the employer to reduce an employee`s salary and sets out procedures for that. “Companies that wish to temporarily reduce the salary of a non-national worker during this period take the following steps: Thank you for writing to us.

Here is the link: There is no minimum wage set by the UAE Labour Act, but it is generally mentioned that wages must meet the basic needs of workers. “This resolution is published in the Official Journal and comes into effect on the date of issue (March 26, 2020).” Therefore, your employer can reduce your salary from April 1 if you agree, effective April 1, to reduce your salary by signing your initial employment contract with the “Temporary Supplemental Value.” An employer may temporarily or permanently reduce the worker`s salary if he is affected by the current crisis of Covid 19. – Go to the Mohre site – — Below the page, you see the option “Work Card Information” – Choose the option to access the next page — Enter your data such as work card number, person`s code, date of birth and nationality — once the system finds your information, you`ll be brought to the next page – Look at your work card contract online. The card has a validity date An employer may temporarily or permanently reduce the employee`s salary if he is affected by the current crisis of Covid 19. This is in line with the provisions of Article 2, paragraphs 4 and 5 of the Ministerial Resolution, which states that “companies that are affected by the above precautions and wish to reorganize their relations with workers are gradually and in agreement with the non-governmental worker 4 the following measures.