Anything that has to do with you using our service will be included in our ALS. This includes: 9.9 The client accepts and acknowledges that this power and agreement has been transferred to the Debit Order Bureau of SEO PROS. Level of service in this agreement must take the form of a series of increases in Internet traffic on the customer`s website in a number of delays. Various options are available to deal with the possibility of non-compliance with service levels, including providing free services to address defects and the right to terminate the contract immediately in the event of multiple failures. In case the cause of such a failure can be attributed to the customer (who. B is not able to provide certain information or authorizations on time), the service provider is de-responsible. I noticed that you calculate in advance for your services before the start of the campaign, is there any particular experience that leads you to this approach? Service level agreements serve an important objective: they set standards and expectations. Our agreement with you lets us know what services you need and what level of compliance you need at a given time. It serves both our deadline and how we measure performance. The agreement also clearly expresses our capacity and commitment. This gives good expectations and helps us avoid misunderstandings later on.

Payment for referencing services is expected to be a monthly delay. The exact structure (and amount) of the fees remains to be defined by users in a calendar. The royalty structure also takes into account all free credits or services to which the customer may be entitled, as mentioned above. This agreement is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of confirmation of the contract and may be terminated in writing by one of the parties with a period of 1 month. Below is our commitment between VC and a customer and form the minimum level of service expected. The SEO maintenance contract for the customer site/s (based on an agreement) with SEO Consultant is at least 12 months from the date of confirmation of the order. During this period, all SEO Consultant websites are maintained by offering suggestions or recommendations on the design, content or structure of all websites to improve or optimize both sites. With regard to the definition of referencing services, it is important to ensure that both the service provider and the client are fully aware of the services to be provided and their delivery.

Positive and negative obligations should be outlined (e.g. B the customer may not want the service provider to make an offer without the permission of certain keywords). As with all schedules attached to this document, the level of detail should be such that a full external agent of the transaction should be able to fully understand the extent of the services to be provided, such as, when, where, where, what restrictions apply. If this conditional agreement is terminated, the remaining contract amount must be (fully) paid in advance until the end of the contract term and all referencing work done on both sides is removed, with respect to the SEO Intellectual Property Consultant used to optimize both websites.