Transfer of an entire company The transfer of an entire company is exempt from VAT, the specific business tax and stamp duty under the conditions set out in the regulations. Communication 60 allows the electronic payment of stamp duty payments for the above-mentioned transaction documents (the “e-instruments”) via the tax service website or application programming interface via the Gold.Sor.9 form. (1) If the remuneration is not known at the time of the performance of the contract, stamp duty must be paid according to an estimate of remuneration. 2. If the remuneration is paid several times and the stamp duty paid is not sufficient, an additional stamp duty must be paid with each payment. Stamp duty has been removed from most forms of government. If a document is required to be recorded, for example. B for land sales, statutes and association articles, etc., registration fees are also collected in addition to stamp duty. Saravut Krailadsiri of Kudun and Partners provides a practical summary of how stamp duty on electronic documents is collected in accordance with the new rules. This briefing will provide an overview of electronic payment regulations and expected changes to stamp duty payment methods for electronic transactions after December 31, 2020. The Thai tax code lists the types of instruments subject to stamp duty.

It applies to 30 different types of legal documents at rates indicated in the schedule attached to Chapter VI of Title II of the tax code. This summer, the Director General of the Finance Department adopted a major regulation on the payment of stamp duty on electronic documents. 5.1.1 When an instrument is not properly stamped, the subject or the holder of the deed or the beneficiary of the person concerned is entitled to submit the deed to the tax officer for payment of the tax which authorizes the payment of the tax subject: (a) if the deed, which is not properly stamped, is an instrument performed in Thailand and it becomes so to the tax official within 15 days from the day when the deed , which has not been duly stamped, is subject to payment of tax. when the instrument has had to be duly stamped, the payment of the fee is only allowed at the rates set in the stamp plan. (b) In other cases, the payment of customs duties is permitted, but a surcharge is levied as follows: (1) If, according to the tax official, no more than 90 days have elapsed since the days when the instrument had to be duly stamped, an increase equal to the amount of the double duty or 4 baht is applied. based on the highest value. 2. If the official estimates that more than 90 days have elapsed since the date on which the instrument had to be properly stamped, an increase equal to five times the amount of the duty or the amount of 10 baht is collected, the highest amount. 5.1.2 If, as a result of the employee`s or a person`s inspection, a state official, a state official has received a tax or information, a) a receipt to be issued under the tax code has not been issued, the tax official is entitled to collect the total amount of customs duties and , to collect an increase equal to six times customs or 25 baht, depending on the highest amount.