3 equal parts between the parties. Payments for title search and registration and government transfer fees, station transfer fees are payable, unless otherwise stated in a contract supplement; Taxes for the cancellation of existing deposit fees will be paid. 16. RISK LOSS: Any loss or damage caused to property by fire or other hazards is responsible until closing. If the property suffers damage that has not been repaired within 30 days of the deadline, each party can terminate the contract and all sureties are paid; the parties have no other obligations with respect to this contract. 17. TRANSFER DOCUMENTS; TITLE: transfers ownership of the property and all related rights by a proper deed for registration or other documents or documents necessary to transfer the entirety of the property rights. If it is not possible to arbitrate these property rights, the only recourse is the full refund of the surety. The transfer of ownership is free of all claims and rights of others, with the exception of (a) communal zoning by-laws and registered agreements, which restrict the use of the property, provided they do not interfere in the current use of the property, and b) restrictions, reservations, conditions and provisions in the documents establishing the use of timeshare or the plan of the clubs. 18.

CLOSING; POSSESSION: delivers the document that transfers the property to PCS Holdings, LLC, and pays the balance of the purchase price. Unless the parties agree to do so, the closure is done by mail. The means and documents are sent through the fiduciary representative. 19. IMPSES, ENTRETIAN CHARGES: Unless otherwise agreed in this contract, all property taxes due, association fees, dues and maintenance overheads will be paid until the end of the year in which the contract will be signed. All royalties, taxes or taxes that follow are the responsibility. 20. LIEN SATISFACTION: All claims of other claims on the property, such as mortgages, must be satisfied in full or in full on the date or before closing. these receivables can be met on the balance of the purchase price paid at closing. 21.

ENGAGEMENT EFFET: This contract is mandatory for all parties who sign it and for all parties who fulfill their rights and obligations. It replaces and cancels all previous written or oral chords and agreements. This contract can only be amended by one of the two and 22: OTHER ACCORDS: 3 2 part-time units in the week described in paragraph 3 or (b) the holiday points described in the paragraph ACHAT PRICE AND PAYMENT: In exchange for the transfer to all property rights of the property covered in paragraph 3, the amount that is set as purchase price is paid in paragraph 4.