Payment settlement services. Payment settlement services, which are an essential feature of TukTuk Scooters services, are currently provided by third-party services. Payment settlement services provided by this third party are subject to the conditions set out in this proceeding. By accepting these conditions in this Agreement or by accessing, searching for or using TukTuk Services or your TukTuk account, you accept this payment processing by third parties. The provision of payment processing services by TukTuk is subject to the agreement to provide TukTuk with accurate and complete information about you and your payment instruments, and you expressly authorize TukTuk to transmit this information and transaction information relating to your use of payment services to our liquidator. TukTuk reserves the right to provide payment processing services through other third parties and, if it chooses, will notify you via the TukTuk website, APP, SMS and/or any other method. The customer agrees that ECO TUK TUK S.L. SL will cede its data to companies in the group, its franchisees or other persons who enter into cooperation agreements for the best availability of the tourist vehicle located in Spain or abroad, in accordance with Spanish data protection legislation of a personal nature. 1 Allgemeinens1.1 In these Terms and Conditions, the following terms have the meaning: Agreement: any written agreement between Tuk Tuk Factory B.V. and the other party (as defined below) for which these Terms and Conditions apply.

Products: goods or services. Goods: all goods, parts or their results, including drawings, constructions, materials, documentation, materials and software, in any form, as specified in the Agreement, used or made available by Tuk Tuk Factory B.V. during the execution of the contract. Services: anything that is not within the definition of products, including the provision of advice, installation and assembly, inspection, verification, transport or other services, or their results, as stated in the agreement. Work: goods or services to be provided, in any form, or in a combination of them or their results. The other part: any party, in any form, that buys one or more products or services, makes orders or has one or more contracts with Tuk Tuk Factory B.V. Another party also includes a representative, a mandated person or person, as well as a rightful or entitled person with a universal or special title. 1.2 The application of other terms and conditions of the Other Party is expressly denied. 1.3 In the event of the cancellation or cancellation of any of these terms and conditions, the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions will remain in full force.

2 Offer and Agreement 2.1 These terms and conditions apply to all offers, legal relations and agreements under which Tuk Tuk Factory B.V. provides goods and services of any kind to the other party.