Go to thinktrio.com and check our minimum qualifications. If you think Trio is right for you, choose “Apply.” The application is free and will be checked by our underwritern team within four business days. Look, you`re already feeling more relaxed! If you sign your lease with Trio, you block your purchase options via your purchase option. Your future option price will be based on factors such as the number of years in your rental agreement, the value of your home and the market in which you live. If you are travelling with TrioFirst, your net option price after helping to purchase a home is only 1% above the house price, plus the starting fee – depending on income. If TrioSelect is more your bag, your net option price starts at only 2.5% per year. As most real estate markets grow by an average of 7% per year, Trio`s programs are designed to build up future equity if you are willing to buy. Here you will get an estimate for your trio option price. Any house funded in your trio, over the age of 18, must pass a background check and sign the trio financing agreement. If you have an updated credit report with all three credit notes, you can download a copy to your portal. We can use it to grant interim authorization, but before we can approve you for financing, we must execute your credit report through our provider.

If you decide under TrioSelect that you are not ready to own at the end of your lease, simply ask us to exchange you. Trio Exchange allows you to purchase rental and purchase discounts through Trio`s Home Purchase Assistance program and purchase the right home when you`re ready. With the Trios Exchange program, you can then choose another trio at home qualified and decide to finance with trio. Your Home Purchase Assistance deserved under TrioSelect will be rolled to your next home. You will also receive your registration fees for your next home. If this is your first home, or if you are one of our dedicated military personnel or if you are part of the growing mobile workforce of our country, this option has been developed for you. #Exclaim#Exchange! As part of its leasing program, Trio continues to offer fixed monthly payments, a one- to five-year financing choice, a home guarantee and the ability to purchase during or at the end of the lease – features that are good for first home buyers, families recovering from the Great Recession, and those who want the flexibility of leasing with the certainty they can buy when they are ready. Now Trio is adding its OwnOption mortgage to get future accessibility for its customers. You know you are ready to own and you are looking for the lowest option price. TrioFirst is Trio`s most popular financing program and offers you the best credit for one-time payments. With it, you get all the tools you need to secure your future. Here is the lowest point: a bankruptcy must be relieved before an authorization can be issued.

A forced execution or short sale must be carried out and taken into account in your credit report or approved by the courts. We will probably need a copy of the documentation that will support the discharge or release of the problem. Stephanie Martinez, a trio client in Yuba City, California, says: “The trio is for the real ones. I like that he gave me a way forward while I was still saving for a down payment for a house. Thanks to Trio, I moved in in time to a wonderful new home so that my twin babies could spend their first Christmas and birthday party.¬†You can use trio financing on a conditional offer, just like you with a mortgage. You should make sure that with the sale of your home, the remaining contingency is fully approved.