A marketing affiliate is a company that manages or maintains websites, banners, or other online marketing paths that provide access to the original owner`s website. When a white label agreement is used, it gives the affiliate the opportunity to set up, promote, promote, and market the brand website of the original company on the affiliate`s website, allowing the affiliate to benefit from the use of the original company`s own trademarks and trademarks. The rules and conditions of such use by the Affiliate are all set forth in the White Label Agreement which governs the partnership between the two parties. When drafting a contract, you must regulate the entire relationship with your counterparty, prevent and minimize all possible legal risks and liabilities, and ensure that all contractual terms comply with applicable legal requirements. At AGP, we have experience in drafting different types of contracts for individuals and companies. Whatever your role, you will certainly receive competent professional legal assistance in drafting a white label agreement that guarantees your legal rights and interests. We also provide a legal analysis service for contracts offered to you as a manufacturer on a “take it or leave it” basis and help you develop a risk mitigation strategy. The concept of white labeling brings with it many considerations, both positive and negative. White label products don`t always have to be tangible items. Service offerings have also taken over white labeling. For example, some banks use white label services such as credit card processing when they don`t have these services in-house. In addition, companies that don`t have bank outlets often extend branded credit cards to their customers, which is also a form of white label. For example, L.L.

Bean Inc. offers a branded credit card to its consumers, although the card is actually provided by Barclays Bank (BCS). Macy`s (M) also offers its customers a branded card provided by American Express (AXP). The white label agreement determines the scope and sets up the affiliate`s website. This includes the duration of the affiliate site setup, layout, tracking systems, and content download restrictions and permissions. The white label agreement also identifies the specific license agreement used for advertising, promotion and marketing. A white label agreement is a contract created for the purpose of making generics by one party to be marked and sold for another party.3 min read White label products are easy to spot on store shelves because they bear the retailer`s name (commonly referred to as the “store brand”) on the label. For example, whole Foods Market`s “365 Everyday Value” product line. So, what are you waiting for? Want to learn more about our white label and private label solutions for digital marketing? Fill out a form and we`ll start a conversation today! Although technically white label products can appear in any industry or industry, large retailers have done very well with them.